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Combining advanced technology, unmatched expertise, and creative vision, our versatile team provides premier design and engineering services for plastics fabrication. 

Our nearly limitless capabilities serve a wide range of industries. At Jet Technologies, we partner with customers to transform ideas into reality.

Services Portfolio

Your product development journey begins here — we offer an array of dynamic services tailored to your unique manufacturing requirements:

Custom Design & Concept Development

Your vision is our inspiration. Our seasoned engineers attend to every detail, combining functionality, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness to make your unique product concept a reality.

Whether you’re refining an existing product or innovating a new one, we ensure a design tailored to your needs.

3D Modeling and CAD

The backbone of our precision engineering. By leveraging cutting-edge CAD software and high-performance hardware, our modeling has exceptional precision, bringing your custom parts to life with uncompromising accuracy.

Material Selection

The right material can make all the difference. We’ll guide you through material selection, ensuring the best fit. From polyethylene, ABS, and engineered plastics to wood composites, acrylics, and more, we offer a wide range of materials to optimize your product’s performance and durability.


Excellence starts at the very beginning. We integrate your specific needs into advanced tooling designs, creating the ideal match for your product’s requirements. Our commitment to precision is mirrored in each tool we build, ensuring your product is crafted for success.

Quality Assurance

Quality isn’t an add-on, it’s the blueprint of our engineering process. Each design we create embeds standards of durability, reliability, and precision. Our engineers plan quality into every component, ensuring we deliver guaranteed excellence, from inception to production.

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanning capabilities capture detailed geometries and forms, opening up a world of possibilities for design accuracy and innovation. This ensures an exact digital representation of your concept, setting the stage for precise manufacturing and successful product realization.

Design for Manufacturing

Efficiency and precision combined. We understand a good design goes beyond aesthetics and functionality — it needs to be cost effective to manufacture. We design with considerations for cost, production timelines, and scalability. This proactive strategy translates into smoother manufacturing processes, cost savings, and timely delivery.

Join the Jet Technologies Team

Jet Technologies’ dedication to precision and quality crosses multiple sectors, representing our versatility and adaptability. Our services go beyond providing solutions; we understand your unique industry needs, enabling us to deliver products that excel in real-world applications.


Navigating the marine industry’s unique demands, we deliver high-quality parts that withstand the elements. From nautical interior and exterior assemblies to sophisticated instrumentation enclosures, our solutions are long lasting.

Mass Transit

Safety and durability are paramount. Our expertly engineered products — modesty panels, enclosures, luggage substrates, shrouds, wheel wells, and more — are designed to withstand continuous usage while ensuring comfort and functionality.

Recreational Vehicles

Our interior and exterior RV solutions ensure every journey is comfortable, stylish, and memorable.

Upholstery substrates / Furniture

We transform raw materials into intricately designed parts that compliment our customers’ finished products, elevating style while withstanding the test of time.


Supporting the backbone of the economy, we provide industrial-grade products, like dunnage and shrouds, designed to withstand rigorous use and demanding conditions. Our tailor-made solutions enhance efficiency and productivity, driving your industrial success forward.

Our Industrial Canvas

As a company that thrives on innovation, creativity, and technical excellence, Jet Technologies is welcoming to new talent. If you are passionate, dynamic, and ready to explore the frontiers of manufacturing, we want to hear from you.


Bring your innovative thinking and technical expertise to our team, where you can participate in groundbreaking solutions across diverse industries.

Product Developers

Join us and influence the future of product development. Help us shape, refine, and innovate as we create products that make a difference.

CNC Programmers

Utilize your skills in CNC programming to control our precision machines, driving the creation of parts to exact specifications.

Tool Designers and Builders

Play an essential role in the formation of our products. Your design and manufacturing talents will guide the creation of our custom tooling.

Manufacturing Engineers

Ensure efficiency and quality in our production processes. Your problem-solving skills and attention to detail will be invaluable in maintaining our high standards.

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We’re here to help, from creating quotes to answering questions about our capabilities. Your success is our goal, and we’re ready to discuss your needs and how Jet Technologies can drive your success.

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